We provide the type of personalized services that is not available elsewhere in this profession. Furthermore, my fees are very competitive:

*No Mileage Fees. *No Attempts Fees. *Flat Rate….

The amount you spend with us, is added to the amount of your Judgment against the defendant(s) for court expense. you may be reimbursed up to 100% of the court fees when you collect your judgment.



$ 60.00   For each defendant in Los Angeles County. Ventura County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.

$ 20.00     Second defendant, if live in same residence address.

$ 60.00   Bad address

$ 90.00   Summons and Complaints, Abstract of Judgments, Order for Appear for Examination, Filling Claims of exemption

$ 150.00 Earnings Withholding Order And Bank Levies. We fill out the memorandum of cost to add on your total judgment amount.  Plus all Judgment interest from the date of your Judgment as of today. We add this fees in the total Judgment Amount.



Our registered and bonded process servers will make multiple attempts to serve at no extra charge. If our process servers encounter any problems in attempting to serve your document, we will provide you a detailed status report, and offer all possible solutions. We are available for rush service, stake-outs, or special assignments.

If I am unable to serve the defendant, you will not be charged any fees for that defendant.

Costs incurred by a Registered Process Server are fully recoverable

(CCP §1033.5(a)(4)(B)): All fees including stakeout fees, skip tracing fees etc.

as long as the fees relate to locating and serving the defendant/witness/person to be served. 




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